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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

When it comes to running and sustaining a successful business, hiring efficient resources holds the key. We at Informatics Outsourcing help you make the correct hiring decisions with the help of our placement services. We embarked on a groundbreaking online strategy, launching our own portfolio of industry recruitment including life science, pharmaceutical, clinical research and medical devices to name a few and have now specialized in them. We help you build the intellectual capital that in turn builds your organization. We specialize in human resource search and locate the perfect candidate suited to specific industry needs.

Why Informatics Outsourcing?

Our social media strategy has been recognized as one of the most efficient in this field of marketing. By tapping into this network of latent candidates through blogs, social media networks and online publishing of expert articles in the field of life sciences, we can attract candidates who may not be actively seeking a new career. View our facebook or twitter pages to see a practicable example of social media resourcing.

Our employees have a very strong academic background, starting from minimum Post Graduates in life science to PhD level. By working in this field exclusively for the last 10 years we have built up a strong database of interested and relevant candidates in the areas of CRO, Biopharmaceuticals, and Bio-IT. We at Informatics Outsourcing draw on this pool of specialized, screened and qualified candidates as another chain in our armory of resources. We use exclusive resources in addition to the standard online resources used by the industry, thereby having a distinct competitive advantage.

Business Model

Informatics Outsourcing approaches placement services by way of two business models. The first one is the one-time placement model and the second one is the contract placement model. In the one-time placement model, we focus on senior level recruitment with pay packet of Rs. 10 lakhs onwards. The selection process and the efforts thereof are directed towards procuring the suitable resource so as to ensure that your organization achieves its business goals.

In the contract placement model, we enable organizations to hire the best professionals for a required length of time or a specific project. Apart from getting the finest of resources available in the job market, you can lower the overall costs incurred in employing a permanent resource for your organization. There is no long time financial commitment involved, which would augur well for the overall organization health. Additionally, quality time is saved for your Human Resources staff who can concentrate on more critical issues. The professionals that we offer by way of contract placement come with a strong life science background and possess significant work experience in Contract Research Organizations (CROs), biopharmaceutical and bio-IT companies.

This contract placement model is also flexible as the employer can always evaluate the candidate on the job without having to provide any additional benefits or commitment. Further, if the candidate is found impressive, they have the option of offering permanent employment.

Because of our academic expertise in the life sciences we engage with our partners and gain a high level of understanding of how your business works. We analyze your products, processes and pipeline to get a discrete understanding of the exact technical requirements a potential employee would require to engage with management and peers and be authoritative and credible in their work environment. In line with our ethos, we insist in being totally transparent in our approach to recruitment. Our aim is to give a greater level of service to clients by adopting a highly consultative approach to resourcing the best candidates on the market in an ethical fashion.
Informatics Outsourcing’s placement services team includes recruitment specialists, skilled professionals specialized in conducting interviews, and online research associates who perform meticulous analysis regarding the prospective employee’s background and professional capabilities thereby greatly minimizing your efforts, which would otherwise be a painstaking and long drawn out process.


First, we analyze your culture to gain an understanding of the exact influencing and interpersonal skills a potential employee would require to fit in your company. Then we actively seek out the best candidates in the market who fit this profile. We screen all candidates against these criteria to ensure they meet these fundamental requirements. We adopt a consultative approach to the selection process and will only send you the most appropriate candidates; our shortlist for most roles is usually 3-4 candidates based on relevance, interest and suitability for the role. We never send multiple CV's hoping you will pick up on one of them. We thoroughly screen all candidates, either face to face geographically facilitated or via video conference or phone.

After your review of the potential candidates, we again research on the candidates’ capability to fit in your company’s process. We feel it is important to critically discuss your company, culture, processes and products with the candidate to gauge their enthusiasm. We fully manage the process right up to contract signing and induction to ensure best results for all parties involved namely client, candidate and supplier.

Typical lead times range from 48 hours to 10 days depending on the role. For various senior positions in the life sciences domain, we at Informatics Outsourcing have been successful in all assignments that are testified by our impressed customers. This is also evidenced by high retention rates and impressive value additions that the recruited resources have contributed to their respective organizations.

We work hard to ensure that we serve you effectively, as this is in our best interests and also ensures moving forward towards a strong and enduring partnership. If you would like to find out more about our services or to arrange for us to come and meet with you to discuss your requirements, under no obligation, please feel free to contact us at


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