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Qualitative Market Research:

Qualitative Market Research is best utilized as an investigative and development bases market research method. Qualitative marketing research consists of research methods, which are used in marketing and other sciences, in which data is collected from a small group and not evaluated with inferential statistics.

Qualitative Market Research Methods:

Qualitative market research is touted to be a powerful tool in the field of market research. Some the methods that we use in Qualitative market research are:

Focus groups

For this method a small number of subjects are to be brought together to discuss the topic of interest. The group size is kept deliberately small in purpose, so that the members can express opinions more freely. A subject guide to help discussion is prepared in advance and the examiner usually chairs the group, to make sure that all the aspects of the subject are covered. The discussion is mostly tape-recorded, and then analyzed.

Depth interviews

While focus groups deal with subjects in a collective manner, depth interviews involve subjects individually. Interviews in this kind of research are usually wide in range that involves probing issues in detail. Predetermined questions are seldom put to use here, as would be the case in quantitative surveys. Instead, the subjects are allowed to express themselves at length. One of the useful techniques in this type of quantitative market research is the critical incident study, in which subjects are required to share real events rather than providing generalized comments. This would certainly reveal more information on real beliefs, attitudes and consumer behavior. The researcher can obtain detailed information from each subject, but might lose the quality that a group (in which people debate issues and exchange views) might have offered.

Observational techniques

Data will be collected by an external observer, who predominantly acts as a non-participant observer. The data can also be collected by an observer who participates, who can also be a member of staff with the usual responsibilities while observing the processes. In this type of Qualitative Market research, the researcher's objective is to become an integral part of the population being studied, so that a detailed understanding of the values and beliefs of the sample population can be achieved.

Projective techniques

Projective techniques use uncertain incentives in which the subject displays opinions, attitudes or self-concept into a position in order to provide a structure to it. Projective techniques are employed in qualitative marketing research to expose a respondent's deepest feelings, opinions, approaches and motives. These techniques are employed to get beyond a respondent's defensive response to questioning.

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