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Key Opinion Leader Mapping and Development Services

Key Opinion Leader Mapping and Development

Key Opinion Leader profiling (KOL) approval is vital for a product's success factor throughout its life cycle. Pharmaceutical organizations generally connect with the key opinion leaders early in the drug development process to provide advocacy activity and key marketing feedback. The Pharma companies in cultivating Key opinion leader allocate considerable time and money.

Key Opinion Leaders are vital to Pharma companies, as they need them for,

  • Primary investigations
  • Advocacy Activity
  • Marketing view points

Informatics Outsourcing (IO) offers you an informative, sharp, accurate and high quality Key Opinion Leader data . Our team expertise provides Key opinion leader information in various therapeutic areas, across global markets that improve ROI and performance of any pharmaceutical companies.

Our Key Opinion Leader Services Include

  • Key Opinion Leader identification and mapping
  • Primary Profiling (Biography capture)
  • Complete Profiling

Informatics Outsourcing (IO) has been providing services to customers based in USA and Europe in the field of Market Research for identifying key opinion leaders (KOL) in the Bio-Medical field in various sub disciplines.

  • The key task is to assemble comprehensive information on individual physicians from publicly available resources as well as commercial resources.
  • MS level curators carried out the project.
  • Information such as the physicians full name, address, qualifications, current position, research activities, publications, national association memberships, awards, advisory roles to pharmaceutical majors, etc., were collected and profiled in excel sheets provided by the customer.
  • The project is executed with two rounds of review/quality checks.
  • The delivery schedule has been met regularly and any corrections or updates have been addressed immediately upon customer's request.

Key Opinion Leader Identification and Profiling Services

  • Key opinion leader identification process - Information gathering from openly available resources as well as commercial resources
  • Primary Profiling: database development that will assist in gathering information about physicians in different domains
  • Complete Profiling - Developing a complete profiling project on any number of physicians in a particular disease area

Key Opinion Leader Management Information

  • Development of Key opinion leader management system
  • Customization of client's Key opinion leader platform
  • Up gradation and maintenance of the Key opinion leader database on an ongoing basis
  • Development of integrated repository of Key Opinion leader management information
  • Customizable database architecture to suit disease specific Key opinion leader (KOL) mapping

Key Opinion Leader Ranking (KOL Ranking)

At Informatics Outsourcing, we provide Key Opinion Leader Ranking services and have a huge database of Top ranked Key Opinion Leaders belonging to various Medicinal Specialties and Geographical Locations. Key opinion leaders are identified and ranked using information from publicly available resources. KOLs are also identified through commercial resources. KOLs are segmented based on Specialty, Area of interest or Geographical locations. Key opinion leader ranking is done after identification of KOLs and they are ranked based on primary and secondary research.

Our Key Opinion Leader Services .

We offer Live KOL databases. We also offer constant update of our KOL databases with our 24/7 support team. Our KOL databases are usually on Oracle, MS Access or Web based platforms. Our databases help our Pharmaceutical Clients in finding Clinical Investigators, experts and KOLs and also in marketing of new drugs. Contact Us

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