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Statistical services from Informatics Outsourcing involve the application of statistical techniques to scientific research in health-related fields, including medicine, drug discovery, and clinical trials research. The field of biostatistics has become an essential tool in improving the outcomes in R & D centers. It also generally involves statistical work in areas of environmental study, agricultural research and biology.

Statistical analyses are used to find hidden information in the data which might not be visible otherwise. The analyses churn the data and try to bring the essence of the data by numbers. Statistical testing and inference are used to check if a claim or assumption on the data is valid.

Parametric and non parametric tests

Statistical tests fall under two broad categories- parametric and non parametric. While parametric testing assumes a few conditions on the data, non parametric relaxes these assumptions. There are different types of tests in these two categories. Only a statistician can determine which type of test to use and exactly what test to use for statistical testing. Mann Whitney, Wilcoxon and Krukal Wallis are some of the non parametric tests our team uses for testing.

Segmentation analysis is mostly used in marketing research where the interest lies in defining markets and allocating appropriate resources. It helps split the whole market into groups and analyzing which group reacts best to our interest. Simply said, it is a technique that spits the market into groups of `like-minded` people who share similar characteristics. The idea is to determine the best groups or segments and a set of characteristics about each of these groups, so you can target them with a finely tuned mix of marketing and sales programs. The trick lies in figuring out what these segments should be.

Perceptual mapping is a visual map depicting the data based on scales we are interested, most commonly, two. It is a visual display of potential or existing customers that shows the concentration of groups of customers with reference to the two scales. It is a visualization of multidimensional scaling procedure that helps gain knowledge of the grouping of data. It is a categorical data analysis technique where consumer`s views about a product are plotted on a chart. Respondents` answers on qualitative attributes like packaging, price, performance and others are mapped on a chart for comparison. Our team offers perceptual mapping services for market research organizations who want to understand consumer mentality.

Factor analysis is a statistical procedure that tries to explain the variability caused by variables defined for that study, by variables that underlie the defined ones. It is a data reduction technique aimed at reducing the size of the data. The information given by, say 100 variables can also be given by fewer unobserved variables. Factor analysis tries to estimate how much of variance in the data is common for all the defined variables and also tries to detect the structure in the relationship between variables. It is a data classification technique. Principal component analysis services are also offered.

Data analysis done using software like SPSS etc aims at getting the essence of interest. It helps extract the data into meaningful numbers that can project or understand the data more easily. There are various kinds of data analyses and it solely depends of the nature of data and our objective. We offer services ranging from frequency table and crosstabs to advanced analyses like testing, data reduction, mapping, regressions etc. Analysis is aimed at extracting what information will be useful to the client for his/her objectives.

Report writing is done after data analysis part is completed and it involves meaningful and insightful portrayal of the numbers got in data analysis. Even though the number makes sense for a statistician, it had to be written in a format that understanding is easy for decision-makers. Reports are professional with a neat layout, so it makes sense to a person without statistical background. Statistical inference of numbers got from analysis is reported in an ordered format with write-ups, tables and charts. CONTACT US

Statistical Services professionals:

We have well trained data analysis professionals to carry out complicated tasks in Statistical Services. We have licensed copies of SAS, MATLAB, and SPSS to perform all statistical analysis. CONTACT US

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